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Flatpack Freedom covers a wide area including the East Midlands, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire

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Ikea Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Service

Furniture retailer IKEA is a great place to buy Furniture when you are on a budget.

The PAX Wardrobe System is one of the most flexible in the market place, and you can build up lots of storage options to suit your bedroom size and needs.

The sliding wardrobe doors in the Anstad/Malm/Tonnes/Uggdal and Lygdal ranges are great space saving devices in confined areas, but assembling the Flat pack components can be quite tricky and rather time consuming if you have no experience in this sort of work, but never fear, help is here at FLATPACK FREEDOM.

Whatever style of self assembly furniture you choose to be built from the Ikea range, we have a simple pricing structure, based on the total recommended retail price* of all the pieces that you require assembling.

We don’t price per hour + a call out fee + VAT We feel we have a much clearer approach to our pricing policy, based upon your total order value!

So there are no nasty surprises at the end of the day, the price we say is the price you pay!* Excluding Special Sale offers or Promotions 

So remember to include all those extra pieces like the ones from the PAX  Komplement accessory range i.e. Frames, Doors, Handles, Hinges, Drawers, Baskets, Boxes, Shoe Racks, Shelves & Rails etc; add them all together when you are calculating your assembly price, you can check this out on your Ikea invoice to see how much you’ve spent in total. And then just look it up on table below.  Simple!

Cost of assembly

Simple  Pricing Structure    for IKEA free standing furniture assembly only

The total invoice price of your goods in £’s that need assembling Flatpack Freedom’s Assembly Price  Structure *  The total invoice price of your goods in £’s that need assembling Flatpack freedom’s Assembly Price  Structure*
Up to £100 £50 Up to £450 £138
Up to £150 £63 Up to £500 £150
Up to £200 £75 Up to £550 £163
Up to £250 £88 Up to £600 £175
Up to £300 £100 Up to £650 £188
Up to £350 £113 Up to £700 £200
Up to £400 £125 Up to £750 £213


Optional Extra’s   Wall Fixings £10,  Access hole cutting £10,  Vertical building for low ceilings £25 extra per frame.


If you have added up all your Flat pack Furniture pieces plus any extra’s and it came to grand total of let’s say £248 this would equate to an assembly price of £88

Making a booking

Once you have found your full assembled price for your furniture, booking in for an appointment couldn’t be is easier, just ring 01246 558303 tell us what you want assembling and we will do the rest or use the “Book in Now” button option above, we normally work one week in advance on our fitting Diary, so to avoid disappointment book in as early as possible if you want a specific day.

The small print     

T&C, Please note, You must have your IKEA Receipt to hand when we arrive, so we can check the amounts are correct on our booking form. Assembly prices are based on the assumption that all the goods have been delivered into the rooms where they need to be built. Most IKEA products need to be assembled lying flat down on the floor horizontal, so enough space is required to facilitate this procedure, also there needs to be at least 10 cm clearance, between the top of your furniture and the ceiling, so it can be lifted up into position without catching the ceiling. Failure to comply with the T&C’s could incur more costs to you. If you have any queries regarding any of these requirements please don’t hesitate to call.  *We reserve the right to withdraw our simple assembly price structuring without prior notice at any time.


Exceptions to our Quotations

1. If there is more work to do than originally stated

2. If we have to do any remedial work so that the product we are assembling will fit where required.

3. If the product differs from stated product that needs assembling.

4. An extra charge may occur to carry items to assembly location.

5. An extra charge will be added if we have to clear an area to assemble your flat pack items.

6. If a wardrobe cannot be assembled lying down, due to low ceiling height or not enough space, it may have to be assembled standing up, this will require two people. So additional costs for a vertical build will occur (Please state ceiling clearance when requesting your booking) it’s your responsibility to make sure that the furniture you have ordered fits correctly into the area it is designated for. Please be aware our minimum assembly cost of £50 will occur, if you have ordered incorrectly and we can’t assemble your furniture.

7. Please remember, your fitter will work a lot quicker and safer without any distractions, so please be sure to supervise your children and pets and keep them away from the assembly area during the construction process.

8. Please specify parking facilities at your home/premises prior to your appointment. Any parking fees incurred on your assembly appointment will be added to the cost of your assembly.




Helpful Tips & Advice – before buying  Ikea Pax Wardrobes

Measure twice !!    Height, width & depth, to avoid costly mistakes

Take into consideration your skirting boards, light switches & electrical sockets

PAX wardrobe comes in two heights 201cm (79.1″) and 236cm (93″)

Measure the width and most importantly your
room height before planning.

Important  The minimum ceiling height required for the 201cm frame is 210cm (82.7″)

For the 236cm frame, you require a minimum ceiling height of 244cm (96″)

PAX wardrobe frame also comes in two depths which are 35cm (13.8″) and 58cm (22.8″)

Your choice of door (sliding or hinged door) will add a few cm to the total depth of the frame

Call 01246 558303 for a no obligation quotation.
Sheffield, S1 to S26, S32 to S36, S41 to S49, S60 to S66, S70 to S75, S80 to S81

Doncaster, DN1 to DN12, DN14, DN22, Nottingham, NG1 to NG21

Derbyshire, DE1, DE3 to DE7, DE11 to DE15, DE21 to DE24, DE45

DE55 to DE56, DE65, DE72 to DE74, Leicester, LE 1 to LE6, LE11, LE12, LE 19, LE65, LE 67