Frequently Asked Questions about Flat Pack Furniture Assembly
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Flat Pack – Frequently Asked Questions

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Flatpack Freedom covers a wide area including the East Midlands, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire, speak to one of our experts today.

Q) What happens if there is a problem with my flat pack furniture?

A) If for any reason parts are missing or your flat pack furniture is damaged upon opening the packaging, we will inform you straight away, and if the need arises, speak to your supplier on your behalf, to arrange for replacements to be sent. We will always endeavour to rectify any smaller problems there and then if we can, so that you can get on with using your new furniture.


Q) How far do you travel?

A) Our region covers the N/E Midlands & South Yorkshire within a 30 mile radius of our base in Chesterfield where there is no charge, thereafter, there is a small levy of 25p a mile, speak to our office for further details.


Q) What happens if there is no parking in front of our home?

A) Parking reimbursement is required in areas where the parking is not free; also please remember we have heavy tools to carry from our vehicle.


Q) Do you have a call out charge?

A) The short answer is NO, but we do have a minimum assembly charge of £40


Q) What happens if we can’t manage to have our work done in your normal working hours, because of our own personal commitments?

A) We can accommodate most customer’s needs, but occasionally an afterhours surcharge applies, which amounts to 25{bba3e4dd9a19ccb8bd2a0f7d1a27a01796e3179ffd0e5408bd9cd80fc4edfaa3} above our standard fixed price quotation charges. I.e. £40 becomes £50, and so on. We work from 09.00 – 18.00 Monday thru to Friday; last fit of the day starting at 16.00 hrs, all other times are by arrangement, please consult our office.


Q) How much will our flat pack furniture cost to build?

A) FLATPACK FREEDOM, always gives the best fixed price quotations possible, we price according to how complex the work is and the expertise it takes to build it. As you can appreciate some items take longer to complete than others, because there may be more components, consequently this will be reflected in the price we charge. Please call 07762556854 for a free quotation.


Q) If we have to cancel our booked appointment for any reason, how much notice will we need to give IMPACT?

A) FLATPACK FREEDOM need at least 48 hrs notice for all cancelations, this is because we work a week in advance on our job diary, and find it difficult to fill cancelled appointment at short notice! So if you do cancel under our notice level, please be aware that you could incur our minimum assembly charge.


Q) Will our packages need to be in the room where it’s going to be assembled?

A)Yes, all our quotes are based on the goods been in the room of the fit.


Q) Are you insured to do my work?

A) Yes, FLATPACK FREEDOM has full public / employee liability insurance.


Q) Can Flatpack Freedom modify my flat pack furniture to fit our room?

A) Unfortunately any modification will weaken the structure and invalidate the manufactures guarantee, so for this reason any modification is ill advised, and against our company policy. Always ensure you measure the space correctly, before ordering your goods!


Q) I need my kitchen fitting, can you help?

A)Sorry, we don’t fit kitchens. This is a specialist job, that needs qualified gas and electrical fitters, so we suggest you contact one of the companies listed in Yellow Pages.


Q) Will the furniture fitter clean up after the job has finished?

A) Yes, we will leave the room clear of waste, breaking down the packaging, and placing it in, or near the designated waste disposal bins. Sorry we can’t remove your waste from site, to dispose of it for you.


Q) How much room do you need to build my furniture?

A) Bear in mind that lots of furniture needs to be built on its back lying down, so there has to be enough room to facilitate this procedure, also the fitter will needs approximately 1 metre round the furniture, to work in. If you have any concerns about this, please ring the office where we will be happy to advise you on this matter.


Q) How long will it take to build my F/P furniture?

A)Assembly times vary depending on several factors, the number and size of the pieces involved, accessibility on site, and the speed and ability of the person doing the work.

The best advise we can offer, is to ring up for a FREE FIXED PRICE QUOTE, on 07762556854 and ask for a likely completion time for the job.


Q) Do you build fitted furniture?

A)We assemble free standing flat pack furniture only! If you require bespoke fitted furniture that has to be specially made for your space, we suggest you contact a specialized company operating in that market. Be aware that this option doesn’t come cheap! And remember if you decide to move, you can’t take it with you.


Q) Can you move my furniture for me, after you have built it?

A) Yes, if it’s a small occasional piece like a coffee table or bedside cabinet. For larger heavier pieces like wardrobes, once the assembler has completed the build in the designated area you ask for, that is its final resting place, to move it, would involve dismantling the item and rebuilding again, which we had not considered in the original quotation.

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